Meet Jennifer

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The Voice with Accent

Growing up, my brothers and I would write and record versions of our own “radio” plays, be it Star Trek, other Sci Fi, or Westerns.  I got to voice Uhura, Scotty, a German scientist, and a Mexican maiden. I found a natural propensity to do all different voices and accents. In high school I earned a part in a play because I could do an Irish accent, despite the fact that the character was supposed to be a man.  In college, I had my own radio program of show tunes, during which I’d announce upcoming songs with different voices, Julie Andrews being a favorite. A few years later, I found a job with Old Town Trolley Tours of Boston and Key West as a tour conductor. I would continue with them on and off for about 13 years.  During tours, I would tell stories of Boston history as such personalities like Julia Child and Rose Kennedy.

          In 2009, I began taking classes with Voice Coaches, based out of Schenectady, NY. With them, I made my demo. Just a few months ago, I decided to take a class with Wren Ross, reading one of my favorite poems, The Shadow, by Robert Louis Stevenson. Shortly thereafter, I recorded an animated short with Wren. These last two pieces are included on this website.


          I would be an ideal candidate for work in the animation field. To send inquiries please use the Contact Me Form provided on this website.

 My first recorded vocal impression exists on cassette tape from 1976, when in my four year old grammar, I interviewed myself as President-elect Carter’s daughter Amy. It went like this:

Me: “How Amy doin’?”

Me: “Amy…doin’ alright”

Impressive, no?  Before the crickets start chirping, I thought I’d tell a little more of my interests and background.