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Artist Biography: Jennifer Finkle


   I was born and raised in coastal Connecticut, spending much of my time in creative pursuits. I was influenced by my older brother who painted, bringing home rolled up canvases with scenes from my mother’s old neighborhood. I used to kid him about what I called his “scribbles”, which I later found out were called gesture drawings. Being that pencil drawing was my favorite medium, I decided to include that in the title of my website, even though there are examples of work in oil and watercolor. I had a natural interest in portraiture and I loved studying people’s faces and expressions, one of the reasons I always was fascinated by animation. I majored in studio art as an undergraduate, but felt the curriculum was lacking in concrete instruction and became discouraged about making any progress.

   Several years later I moved to the Boston area and would start a drawing class at a local adult education program in 2002. It was there I met instructor Evelina Brozgul with whom I would eventually take private classes. From her I would be introduced to the methods of instruction I had always hoped for, learning classical European drawing and painting techniques practiced by the old masters. Save for two pictures in oil on this website, all the drawings and paintings were created since beginning this traditional instruction. I would consider my favorite artist to be John Singer Sargent.

   Shortly after arriving in Boston, I began driving and narrating for Old Town Trolley Tours. I considered a career in medical illustration, but instead went back to school and became a registered nurse, and I have been working in the behavioral health field. Since 2004, I have taken classes in Krav Maga, an Israeli self-defense system, and became an instructor in 2014. In my down time I enjoy spending time with my dog and watching Turner Classic Movies.

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